Feature Film


Turning 16, getting your first car, working at the drive-in movie theater, pursuing the girl of your dreams and building a time machine... this is how the teenagers of suburban West Texas spend the summer of 1985 - before moving away from each other forever. 


THE DAYS ON END is a family-friendly coming of age comedy set in Lubbock, Texas in 1985 about the flush of first love and the importance of family. 


Quarter-finalist for the 2014 Nicoll Fellowship.


Watch a nostalgic-based mood reel of how the movie will look and feel.


TV Pilot


Set within the exciting world of the high school marching band, The Plainsmen follows two musical protégé brothers who move to small town Texas and must start at the very bottom of the competitive marching band, struggling to fit in socially and musically as the band naviagates through the grid-iron football season.


Friday Night Lights meets Whiplash with exciting musical performances and choreography.

Show bible and pilot script available upon request.


Phantom Nights

TV Series


Beneath his small-town Texas drive-in movie theater, Lucas Romero uncovers a mysterious alien probe that grants extraordinary powers to its human host and may hold the answer to his sister's supernatural disappearance. Now, Lucas and his friends must race to discover its cosmic secrets, all while evading the sinister forces who want to use the probe as a weapon of mass destruction.

Show bible available upon request.


concept art for the feature film drama

Back to Butterfield

Feature Film


After the deaths of several dear friends, an old man named Norman decides to escape from his assisted living home and go to the one place that truly captured his innocence and his youth: a quaint farming town in Missouri called Butterfield. Plagued by memories of wrong choices and missed opportunities, Norman travels the back roads of Texas and Missouri, the exact same way he did when he was eighteen: bootlegging with his young wife in an old Ford pickup, despite his failing health.


Following in Norman’s footsteps is his grandson Jonathan, whose same bad decisions have him finding his relationship with his fiance Jordan on rocky ground. And now he has to find and bring his grandfather back to the assisted living home. 

Script available upon request.